Katherine Díaz

Katherine Diaz is an experienced facilitator and coach. Driven by helping others discover their potential, she takes pride in providing accurate tools for specific individual needs. As a human development consultant, her goals include improving people's well-being and growth for happiness and success.  In addition to her primary job functions, Katherine has been recognized by HR consulting firms for her extraordinary commitment to helping clients set and reach objectives.

Katherine's passion for helping others can be tracked to almost two decades ago, employed in the Food Services and Hospitality Industry. As a manager, she specialized in leading people to meet daily operation goals and ensure compliance with product delivery, customer relations, and team management. Through conversation and listening, she understood the root of staff conflicts.  Therefore, she learned the complexity of staff behaviors and how poor communication skills and cultural diversity can negatively affect teamwork and work environment; when poorly handled.  She motivated them to resolve differences from a positive perspective, giving excellent teamwork results.

Katherine found her vocation in guiding people by identifying their areas for improvement and encouraging them to be their best version of themselves and fulfill their life purpose.  Since 2011, she has worked for human and business development consultancies. She is currently finishing her BS in General psychology at Walden University to improve her service.

Today, Katherine collaborates with world-class companies such as Femsa (Coca-Cola-LATAM), Heineken, Helm, and Alsea (Starbucks-LATAM).  She determines the critical job skills required in certain positions and train employees to perform them adequately. She conducts organizational analyses to restructure the company culture and creates a sustainable and functional work environment with happy and productive employees.